We offer the following customer service;

- maintenance of motor, sailing and ultralight aircraft

 - aircraft registration in the CAMO organization,

- inspection and extension of airworthiness of aircraft,

- engine service Rotax, Lycoming, Continental, Centurion diesel, Limbach, ...,

- the sale of spare parts for said engines,

- renovation of the elis, the sale of Elis Hoffman; MT, GT, ....,

- weighing aircraft and calculating the center of gravity,

- testing and repair of the pito-static system,

- testing and repair of NAV / COM equipment,

- sale and installation of radio stations 8.33 kHz,

- the sale and installation of NAV / COM equipment for GARMIN, ASPEN, GARECHT ...,

- repair, inspection and testing of pneumatic instruments, - the sale of pneumatic instruments,

- repair of metal, composite and wooden structures of aircraft,

- restoration of aircraft surface,

- renovation of the interior,

- Polishing aircraft. Processing of Cessna 172 and Piper Pa 28 Warrior aircraft from a gasoline to a modern diesel engine. - Removing Instrument Board with Replacement with Modern Glass Cockpit Instruments.


If you are interested in our services, please contact us.


We wish you many successful landings.