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Motor planes - spare parts

All plastic parts made from GFK for Cessna 150/152, 172, 182 are available.

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Cessna 172





Cessna 150, 172, 183

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Today, we added four new and exciting books for soaring fans to our offer.

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Exhibition - glider aviation




OXYMETER is a device to measure oxygen in your blood and heart rate. The device is recommended to anyone who flies at altitudes of 3000m or more. Oxymeter is available with a personal storage case.

Price 22,95€.

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Opening of our website!

Are you interested in the history of sailing aviation in Bloke?

Welcome to bloke.

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Welcome to our new website where we will provide you with information from the aviation world. We perform services and regular maintenance work on both motor and sailplanes. We also offer you airplane repairs, aircraft transfer, and other aviation equipment.

We are also an official agent for the sale of aircraft and aircraft equipment manufactured by Alexander Schleicher GmbH & Co. KG. Segelflugzeugbau.

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